GVPM Wind Tunnel

GVPM is a special closed-circuit wind tunnel, arranged in a vertical layout with two test rooms located on the opposites sides of the loop. The first one is located in the lower part of the loop and is suitable for Low Turbulence tests. The second one, bigger, is located in the upper part of the loop and is intended for civil engineering testing (the Boundary Layer Test Section). Due to this unique feature, GVPM offers the widest possible range of test arrangements and alternatives. The facility is powered by a flow generator array of 14 1.8m diameter, 100kW, fans, for a total power of 1.4 MW. The fans are organized in two rows of seven 2x2m independent cells. Independent inverters drive the fans allowing for continuous control of the rotation speed of each fan to obtain the desired wind speed in the test section.
GVPM has significant experience in many relevant topics related to the fluid-structure interaction. The wind tunnel has developed several test layouts to achieve excellent measurement solutions.
Portfolio of research and commercial projects performed at GVPM during the years. GVPM has proved expertise documented by the relevant number of completed projects.

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