Presentation Guidelines

To ensure a smooth and efficient presentation process, we have prepared some guidelines for your reference:

1. Presentation Time: Each author will be allotted a total of 12 minutes to deliver their presentation. We kindly request that you adhere to this time limit to maintain a well-structured program.

2. Question and Answer Session: Following the presentation, a 3-minute Q&A session will be held. This allows the audience to seek clarification and engage in insightful discussions with the authors.

3. Suggested Template: To maintain a consistent format and streamline the presentation process, we have prepared a suggested template, which can be accessed by clicking here:

4. Presentation Submission: To ensure smooth proceedings, speakers are kindly requested to send their presentations to at least 24 hours before their scheduled presentation time.
Presentations should be named with the initials of the first authors followed by the paper identification number, e.g., John Doe , first author of paper ID 001, should name his presentation JD_1.
Speakers have the opportunity to review and check their slides in the slide center until 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the special session.

5. Keynote Presentations: For information on keynote presentations, please visit the dedicated section here.

6. Special Sessions: Explore our special sessions by clicking here. These sessions offer the opportunity for in-depth discussions on specific topics.