San Siro Stadium

The San Siro Stadium, named after the Milanese district in which it is located, is considered an iconic sports monument and one of the excellence symbols for the city of Milan. For these reasons it has earned the title “La Scala del Calcio” for the number of big events it hosts: not just football matches of the two renowned football teams playing here, Inter and Milan, but also international events, like the Champions League final in 2016. Since the 70s San Siro has been the scene for great concerts, welcoming Italian and international artists.
In its position as a bridge between history (its construction started in 1926) and future, the San Siro stadium hosted two popes and it is the big theater for the opening ceremony of the winter Olympic Games Milano Cortina.
As a unique and widely used infrastructure, it requires continuous care for prompt maintenance: for this reason, since 2003, a massive structural health monitoring of the main structures has been started by the municipality of Milano, Inter and Milan, and Politecnico di Milano. A network of for than 250 sensors monitor the static and dynamic motion of tiers, corrosion and carbonation of the sub-structures, also offering a unique experimental lab for research on structural health monitoring and human structure interaction.

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